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Businesses have always been highly competitive with each one trying to develop its own brand identity to stand out from the rest. With a challenging labor market, many organizations have to bring their A-game to acquire the best talent for their teams. Offering lucrative benefit packages and premium salaries often falls short as a lure. Employees and clients want more – they want a business that has true character, confidence, clarity, and caring. We call it being a mindful business. Not that long ago, climbing the ladder in a business and launching your own organization was a cutthroat endeavor. You were expected to focus only on making money at any cost. As a new business owner, you were compelled to be a jack of all trades. Eventually, professional burnout occurred. Your mental and physical well-being would take a hit and your organization would inevitably start to falter. Businesses built on such narrow-mindedness often simply imploded and failed.Thankfully, the business world is changing – for the better. A mindful business is about taking a thoughtful approach that fosters your own personal development, your team, and your customers. You want to make a positive impact on everyone involved. A strong ethos is the heart of a mindful business and should always act as a primary driver behind all business decisions.

What is a mindful business?

A mindful business focuses on ethical, courteous, respectful, and conscientious behavior. Instead of focusing only on making money you also want to leave the world a better place.Every entrepreneur and business owner has their own beliefs about what it takes to create a successful business. If you want to run a mindful business, then you need to step back and examine the big picture, and then you can let yourself consider the possibilities.Here are some common long-held beliefs about what it takes to become a successful business.

Hard work leads to success.

Yes, hard work is an important component of launching and running any successful business. However, if you work too hard on the wrong things then you are simply wasting time and energy. Eventually, your business will lose traction. You need to ensure that you are focusing on your goals and then work hard to reach them.

I need to carry out all of the hard tasks to save the business money.

You may feel like you have to take part in every single aspect of the business to keep things moving in the right direction. For that reason, you probably find it difficult to give the reins to your team.In reality, it’s important to accept that you’re simply not an expert in everything. Even if you’re multi-talented, trying to do them all will make it even harder for you to fill your most important role: visionary and leader. Everyone has their own skill set. Surround yourself with trusted advisors who will work together as a team to overcome all challenges.

If I’m smart, then I can figure everything out myself

As mentioned above, everyone has their own skill set. Use your team to reveal your blind spots. Task them to do the things you can’t do. Use their support to elevate your leadership.

I let my intuition guide me and it seems to work well.

There’s a time and place for intuition. It comes after analyzing the facts. If you have equal options then use your intuition to choose. It’s been my experience that using intuition as the sole or primary means to make choices results in many more bad decisions than good.

I can use my credit card to finance my business needs.

Starting a new business or growing an existing one always takes more money than expected. Successful businesses start by creating a detailed financial projection and a strategic business plan. This highlights how much funding you’ll need.

Credit cards have their place, but are not recommended as your sole or primary funding source. It’s important to know what funding options you have, when to use them and how to use them. The mindful business approach.If you are set in your ways and beliefs to the point that you are unwilling to consider options, then your business might falter and fail. It’s important to embrace change, be open to positive feedback, and always be willing to listen.

If you want to awaken your business mind then follow this golden rule: Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.

It’s neither possible nor desirable to try to do everything yourself. Build a team of experts who you trust and who are focused on making the organization’s vision and dream a success.

Why is this important? Three reasons…..

  1. No single person can know everything about running a business. Even if you are an overachiever. You have blind spots that can be illuminated by team members and you don’t have to burn yourself out trying to do everything.
  2. Expand your experience and your business skills by retaining talented individuals who have skills and experiences that differ from your own.
  3. Encourage your team to ask hard questions. When you outsource any segment of your business, then you are welcoming differing points of view. Creating a patchwork quilt of talent can truly take your business to the next level.

Most in the business world will concur, that operating a mindful business is the future. Organizations can and should focus on doing good for their employees, vendors, clients, and the planet. Running a mindful business can quickly become life-changing in a positive way. You can foster a healthy work/life balance for yourself and your business.

Clarisent offers business stewardship you can bank on. The CFO services we provide are based on a firm understanding that what’s ahead is equally as important as what’s behind. We are here to help you reach your goals while creating mindful balance. At Clarisent we care about our clients more than the numbers. We help you understand the story behind the numbers to get you on the right path and keep you there. Our focus is on people and helping you build a mindful business that you can take pride in and rest easy that your business is creating a happier, better world for all. See GetClarisent.com to learn more.

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