The Importance of Business System Management

Business owners are notorious visionaries. They typically are not process-focused. Your sights are set on seeing where your business can grow and steering your team to get there. Thinking about creating financial structures most likely isn’t your primary focus and even thinking about developing them might cause you stress. It’s completely understandable. How can you possibly oversee and manage all the departments single-handedly? Sure, in the initial phases of a business it might be doable, but as your business grows, you’ll have too many irons in the fire, and you and your business will start to falter. It might cause you to lose sleep at night worrying about everything that needs your attention.

A business system management ensures that the flow of information, products, and services happens easily, seamlessly, and profitably. It’s the framework for how all departments of your business work together. From human resources to products to marketing, if your departments aren’t in sync, expect trouble. It’s easy to stray from the path without a concrete business system management plan in place.

Why Should You Implement a Business System Management Plan?

A business management system is a set of tools, procedures, and actions that are used to execute successful strategies. They give you feedback on how your business is doing. They show how well your teams are working together and whether you’re staying on the right path.

The benefits of a business management plan are clear:

• Improves performance across the business.
• Takes employees to the next level.
• Builds certainty.
• Creates clear financial records.
• Improves efficiency.
• Coordinates efforts.

Improve Performance Across the Company

A business system management plan is the framework on which a successful business is built. If you want to grow your revenue and expand your bottom line, business system management is the key. These systems provide the feedback you need to evaluate how smoothly your business is running. Reviewing the right numbers regularly can tell you such things as:

• If sales fulfillment is at capacity or if you still have room to grow.
• If you have the right quantities of the right products on hand.
• If your employees are working efficiently or if there might be a bottleneck.
• If your customers are satisfied.
• If you have enough cash to fund operations.

Sharing information with key personnel helps to highlight areas where greater cooperation and collaboration are needed. Working together on a common goal develops trust. When each team member knows the others have their back, the door is opened for higher performance.

Clarisent’s systematic approach to a business management system gives you access to consistent data so you know what you need to improve and how best to meet the requirements of your clients/customers. We analyze, measure, compare, and test everything to determine what your customer/client base wants and what areas require improvement. We help you design effective, efficient, and repeatable processes and results.

Create Opportunities for Employee Growth

People are every business’s most important resource. You can only be as successful if your employees are happy. A Business System Management plan not only shows you how to monitor employee satisfaction, but it can help to create opportunities for personal and professional growth. You can harness your employees' creative potential and examine their ideas to spur personal engagement.

Human Resource Management

When it comes to business system management, people are the most important resource. We not only want to know how happy and satisfied our employees are, but we also want to know other things like:

• Do we have enough people to handle the workload?
• At what point should we hire another person?
• Are our people effectively facilitating the flow of information, products, and services?
• Do our people provide quality customer service?

Clarisent works with you to establish concrete business systems that help you answer these questions. One common side benefit of this knowledge is finding ways to reduce costs without cutting corners.

Financial Management

The best business system management plans focus on financial management. We’re not just talking about tracking the bottom line. We also want to know why the bottom line turned out the way it did. The numbers tell a story that can help you make smarter business decisions. If you don’t have proper financial management, your business will be heading in the wrong direction and you won’t even know it. That’s why we work alongside you, providing the skillful guidance you need to track, analyze, and control.

Understanding the critical role of establishing a business management system is one of the five critical steps we take with our clients to get them stable today and set them up to grow. Not having a business management system you can rely on could be one of the many reasons your business is keeping you up at night.

Your business is telling you where it’s at this very moment.  Do you speak its language?

Every decision you make, every step you take in your business produces a result. They can be good ones, bad ones, and even neutral ones. Every single result shows up in your business as a number. Numbers are the language of business. It takes real experience and knowing how to speak this language to interpret what they mean. That’s what we do at Clarisent.

With over two decades of speaking numbers for businesses with $1-8 million dollars in revenue, often with complex accounting needs, our passionate strategy financial services team takes a compassionate front-view / rear-view strategic approach to financial stewardship and forecasting, and reaching financial goals. We provide affordable, outsourced bookkeeping, accounting, controller, and fractional CFO services for small and mid-sized businesses.

The most successful financial strategies for a business comes from a team that offers reliable support and peace of mind. We pride ourselves on being flexible and solving problems unconventionally. We are creative and strategic. Not often found with strategic financial services. Our focus is on the goals of our clients, not just the bottom line. We are about the lives that the numbers serve.

To us, success is not solely financial. It’s personal. It’s setting, tracking, and achieving life goals as well, Better relationships. Better health. Happy staff. Giving to causes that make the world a better place to live. Feeling fulfilled emotionally, mentally, and physically. All of these riches are possible as the CEO of your own business. We don’t just say they are possible. We are certain they can be achieved.

Clarisent Certainty Pyramid™


Strategic Planning
Revenue Growth
Profitable Decision Making
Stakeholder Management

Annual Strategic Financial Plan
KPI Development
Acquisition/Exit Planning


Strategic Planning

Revenue Growth

Profitable Decision Making

Stakeholder Management

Annual Strategic Financial Plan


KPI Development


Acquisition/Exit or M&A


Management &  Monitoring

Accurate Reporting

Deep Analysis

Internal Controls

KPI Management

Improvements & Recommendations

Cash Flow Management & Projection

Profitable Decision Making

CPA Support

Business System Check-up


Management &  Monitoring

Accurate Reporting

Deep Analysis

Internal Controls

KPI Management

Improvements & Recommendations

Cash Flow Management & Projection

Profitable Decision Making

CPA Support

Business System Check-up



Data Entry

Expense Management

Vendor Management

Data Entry

Expense Management

Vendor Management






Data Entry

Expense Management

Vendor Management



To accomplish this certainty and clarity yourself, you would need to be your own:

A ground-level day-to-day manager, categorizing all business transactions, handling bills and invoices, reconciling bank accounts, and preparing key monthly reports. Taking the daily, weekly, and monthly financial pulse of your business.


A highly focused specialist, compiling, analyzing, verifying, and preparing financial records. Creating documents to ensure lawful, efficient, and compliant business practices and making sure you are ready for taxes.


A high-level strategic manager overseeing all financial tasks and reporting procedures. Supervises and guides your bookkeeper and accountant.


A highly experienced, specifically skilled leader responsible for tracking cash flow, financial planning, analyzing your business’s financial strengths and weaknesses, and proposing strategic directions.

Every one of these roles offers a unique and critical vantage point that supports you and your ability to make decisions to grow your business. How can you expect to take on each of these critical roles and still be able to lead from your strength? Which is your big vision. Honestly, you can’t.

It’s no wonder you are:

  • Making bad decisions due to unusable information
  • Frustrated with your bookkeeper
  • Worried about making payroll
  • Making wrong turns
  • Experiencing stagnant growth, or worse, going backward
  • Unable to seize opportunities when they arise
  • Losing money despite it coming in
  • Losing excitement for your business
  • Sacrificing your physical and emotional well-being
  • Losing your faith and confidence
  • Losing sleep at night

Why our clients sleep well at night

These are the 7 crucial financial factors Clarisent always has it’s eye on to ensure that you maximize your financial decisions:

Profitability Dynamics

If you are unaware of your inventory, manpower and operating expense details, you can miss important profit dynamics. With Clarisent looking deeper at your cost structures, you can consolidate vendors, reduce product costs and reduce shipping and labor costs with an eye to increasing your margins. This factor can result in thousands of dollars in potential savings or operational efficiency that goes directly to your bottomline.

Vendor Oversight

Vendor Oversight

You can trust that with Clarisent, money flows to keep your business humming. We work to balance your inflows with your outflows so you don’t face temporary deficits. We help you collect money faster and ensure that payments are made to the right people at the right time.

Proactive Financial Reporting

Don’t spend valuable time each month forecasting sales and income projections, thumbing through tax forms or creating expense spreadsheets. Clarisent can save you time and money through proper preparation, organization and month summaries of all key performance indicators, including:

Marketing Performance
Financial Account
Cash Flow

On-Demand Insights

A detailed chart of accounts and accurate reporting maximizes your productivity, gives insight for better planning and builds trust with shareholders, investors and creditors. With proper procedures, you can rely on the financial data that we provide. Clarisent’s full service clients enjoy our near real time ClearView Dashboard™ complete with insights and recommendations that will help you make smarter business decisions. On-demand fractional CFO support calls are included as well.

Profit Expansion

It’s not enough to know what you did in the past. It’s also important to look forward based on the past and see what’s coming in the future. Successful businesses use profit and cost centers to monitor their activities and manage cash flow. Clarisent clients use our proven financial systems to illuminate what they should do next.

Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) measure key business drivers and the correct focus is placed on performance, strategic planning and operations. Clarisent provides you with a personalized ClearView Dashboard™ so you can make better financial decisions.

Financial Strategy & Support

A business is only as successful as the team they have in place. Clarisent provides navigation, strategic planning and results-driven advice to their clients at the fraction of the cost you may pay to hire a CFO.

Back to where you are right now. Big vision, flying blind, and not sleeping because you are unclear where your business is financially today.

Wouldn’t it be better if you:

  • Have laser clear and highly usable data from your business so that you can make better decisions every time?
  • Have trackable financials that clearly aligned with your goals and vision?
  • Have a precise snapshot of your cash flow at your fingertips?
  • Can predict your business’ future despite uncertain times?
  • Have an open door to capital and financial growth and protection tools so that you can take advantage of opportunities when they arise?

All of this is yours today for free.

Happy CEOs

“Clarisent has been a critical success factor ....”

“Clarisent has been a critical success factor in our growth from a sole proprietorship to a larger international joint venture business.”

Sabine Amend, TI Communications USA

“As a small business owner, prioritizing my ....”

“As a small business owner, prioritizing my time is critical. After years of looking for a quality bookkeeping service, Clarisent has stepped in and taken control of a crucial piece of the business which allows me to focus on growth.”

Guy Peters, Mop Stars

“Clarisent has given me the tools and  ....”

“Clarisent has given me the tools and support I need to start my new business. I can tell they really care about helping us!”

Paula Devillier, Focus Construction

“Clarisent has been such an amazing  ....”

“Clarisent has been such an amazing resource to my firm and my only regret was not finding them sooner! I have more clarity with my finances, my books are much more organized, and most importantly, I can spend time on revenue-generating activities for my business instead of attempting to run my own books! It was simply costing me more to NOT have them, so their fees are an investment and in return I get my time back. I’ve already referred many others to Clarisent and will continue to do so. I highly recommend their services.”

Steven Harp, Colorado Wealth Group

“Clarisent worked directly on the financial....”

“Clarisent worked directly on the financial projections for a launch and scale of a large organization that I created. Clarisent was effective in working with the team and contributed valued input that went far beyond the industry standard and into our thinking process. The result strongly impacted the ultimate success of our strategic plan. Clarisent is a highly professional CFO Service firm that I recommend.”

Mark Borough, Borough Wealth Management, LLC, Managing Partner, Spiritual Capitalist association, Chairman

“Knowledge of how all the pieces of a  ....”

“Knowledge of how all the pieces of a business works is truly difficult to find from CPAs and other Financial Professionals. Clarisent not only had the financial knowledge, but they asked the right questions and presented excellent alternative approaches to solving business problems. I wouldn’t be where I am with my business without them.”

Jeff Gibbs, CEO, Clearstone Sports

“Clarisent is more than an accounting ...”

“Clarisent is more than an accounting service, they provide financial leadership to my organization and I view them as a strategic partner in helping to grow our mission of advancing women in business.”

Kristen Blessman, Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce

“I met Clarisent at a time of great transition,...”

“I met Clarisent at a time of great transition in my business and was needing an overhaul of my financial management systems that, at the time, were a mess. My bookkeeper had made many mistakes that were costing me money, and my vendor relationships were mismanaged. Clarisent was able to very quickly and skillfully analyze my business, make sense of the problems, and then go on to recommend viable, effective solutions unlike any financial consultant had ever offered. I was so impressed I immediately hired Clarisent to provide CFO services for my small business. It has now been 14 years of working together and I can’t imagine running my business without him! Clarisent has consistently saved my business money in a number of areas, has transformed our financial management to be a seamless process, manages vendor relationships with utmost professionalism, and provides me meaningful, insightful reports that allows me to know exactly where my practice is at any given time. Beyond that, Clarisent has the uncanny ability to ask the questions most people would never think to ask regarding financial strategy, and is consistently supportive in innovating and improving our business practices. I appreciate that Clarisent always shows up with the highest integrity, and have come to really lean on him for support and clarity; his services are integral to my business. I unreservedly recommend Clarisent for CFO services for any business!”

Todd Nelson, CEO, Tree of Life Wellness Systems

“I am SO glad I met Steve Breitman! ,...”

“I am SO glad I met Steve Breitman! His service has saved me HOURS and HOURS of work in an area I don’t know much about and don’t want to. Taxes are a cinch to do now. That is priceless. Everything is set up properly for my corporate records and that peace of mind is significant. Thank you Steve and Clarisent!”

Jayne Sanders, CEO, Hands to Success

Clarisent has provided bookkeeping  ...”

“Clarisent has provided bookkeeping services to my company, Sunshine Sciences, for several years. They’ve made preparation of my sales tax returns a snap. I also love that they are patient and great teachers.”

Linaya Hahn, CEO, Sunshine Sciences

“The ability to outsource our bookkeeping ....”

“The ability to outsource our bookkeeping and accounting consistently saves hours in time and – consequently – money! By freeing us up so that we can focus on our core competencies, Clarisent has become a truly valued partner for our business”

Lindsey James-West, LKJ Financial

“Clarisent is always ready to proactively  ....”

“Clarisent is always ready to proactively create a new system or retroactively solve a problem for their clients. It’s good to know they’ve got your back.”

Matt Tatusko, CEO TrueSight Media

“Clarisent is my true partner in the growth ....”

“Clarisent is my true partner in the growth and development of my law firm. For the first time in my business life I can effectively plan and execute on our growth because, thanks to Clarisent, our books are always up to date, cash flow is clear and I can project revenues in a reliable manner. Thank you Clarisent for peace of mind that lets me sleep well at night.”

Tom Jurgensen, Optima Law Group

“I have worked with Clarisent for a few years ....”

“I have worked with Clarisent for a few years now and would highly recommend them. I can always count on them to get back to me the same day, if not the same hour. I have delegated all of my bookkeeping to them which allows me to focus on the growth of my business. Clarisent is very helpful and always puts in the extra time needed when necessary. Clarisent gets two thumbs up from me.”

Dr. Keppen Laszlo, Executive Director, Discover Health and Wellness

“Our tax accountants and bankers have ....”

“Our tax accountants and bankers have been very impressed by the quality of our financial reports created by Clarisent. Clarisent’s high service level is always evident in the deliverable.”

Lynn Coit, CEO, Elsy Studios